Will you get banned for buying FUT coins?

Will you get banned for buying FUT coins?

The worst fear of any gamer is having to start again. All the trouble you went through to get where you are right now in a particular game can be wiped out. Well, that’s exactly what happened with some gamers when they attempt to buy FUT coins.

FUT coins are the key to every good in the game. For that reason, it has been strictly regulated by the makers of the game. Some of the rules that govern the use of fut coins 21 include no farming or distribution of coins. However, will you actually get banned from buying FUT coins?

Is getting banned for FUT coins even possible?

The simple answer is yes. You can get banned from buying FUT coins. However, it’s not a straightforward process. There are a lot of factors that determine if you get banned or not. Let’s consider some of them.

1. The amount of FIFA coins you buy

Just face it. You want lots and lots of FUT coins. Having them clearly gives you the edge in your games and you stand the chance to reign supreme. This can lead to you wanting millions of FUT coins. However, that can lead to some problems.

You can get banned if you buy lots and lots of coins at one go. However, the chances of getting caught and banned reduce to about 1% if you buy a small number of coins. One of the fastest ways for EA sports to flag your account if you have gained so many FUT coins within an unreasonable amount of time.

2. Your Trading Record

EA Sports have provided a standard internal trading market within the game. Using this market, players can trade items for FUT coins at very standard prices. However, most people use the market to inflate their FUT coins count.

One way that your account can be flagged is when you trade so often in a bid to accumulate more points. That is definitely a bad sign for FIFA.

What happens when my account is flagged?

So what if your account is flagged? Do you get banned immediately? The answer to that question is NO. There are series of steps that EA sports take before you are banned. One sure one is a clear warning to cease and desist from your actions.

If those are not followed, then there is a likelihood that you might get some stricter punishments. This might include a complete swipe of all FIFA coins that might have been accumulated over time. The next point of action will the clearing of all your packs and cards. This is the last step before a ban is placed on your account.

Bottom Line

It’s tempting to buy FUT coins. However, if you have to buy any, just make sure that you do it safely. Also, keep an eye on who you buy from and when. It will be a shame to lose all the items that you have labored for in one quick swoop. That will simply be disastrous.