Tips For Selecting Your Bedroom Artwork

Tips For Selecting Your Bedroom Artwork

If you intend to add some new art pieces for your bedroom decoration, you may require some guidance on making the right choice. Note that the bedroom is not like any other room in the house. Therefore, the options that would be perfect for other rooms may not do well in the bedroom. In this post, we look at selecting bedroom artwork. 

Tips for choosing artwork for your bedroom

Below are some of the best and most essential tips;

1. Focus on cool colors

One of the most important things you should do when choosing bedroom decoration artwork is to stay in the line of cool colors. Cool colors include blue and green. These colors would be an excellent choice because they are warm and create a sense of privacy. They may not be as inviting as warm colors, but the bedroom is not meant to be an inviting atmosphere. The color of wall art you choose for your bedroom should also be dependent on the color and tone of your interior decoration. However, know that you can always go with whatever makes you feel happy for your bedroom decoration.

2. Simplicity is the key

Simplicity is always an ideal route to take when choosing a bedroom artwork. For instance, you can select paintings with images of flowers and landscapes. Not only are these paintings attractive, but they are also warm and peaceful. These are two essential elements in the bedroom because they will help you fall asleep and get quality rest. You want something that you can look at before you fall asleep and get in a calm mood instead of the other way around. Therefore, avoid intricate pieces that will have you thinking deep or analyzing when you are supposed to be calming down and winding up the day.

3. Consider the size of your walls

Size is an essential factor when choosing the best pieces of art for any room in your house. Therefore, even when selecting artwork for your bedroom, size should be one of the main factors you consider. However, this does not mean the overall size of your bedroom. The most important thing is the size of the wall on which you want to hang the artwork. Doing this will help you choose the best artwork size.

4. Do not forget about lighting

The lighting in your room is also a strong determinant of what would be the best artwork choice. For instance, if your room is dark, then you may want lightly colored art pieces. This is because very dark ones will only make the atmosphere darker, and this is not something you should be doing. Also, if your room is very bright, then you may want to go for dark colors. Note that if you plan on having more than one piece of art, mixing and matching would be a great choice.


The market is swarmed with a wide range of art pieces that you can use to decorate your bedroom. However, not every piece would sit well in this particular room. Therefore, it would help if you used the above checklist and researched more before picking the best pieces.