Occasions Where You Can Set Up Your Mobile Bar Trailers

Occasions Where You Can Set Up Your Mobile Bar Trailers

As enticing as it may be to have a bar on wheels, the question remains: where would you park it to sell alcohol? It can be challenging to find a suitable location for a catering trailer, whether you intend to use it as a side hustle to supplement your current income or as your exclusive source of revenue. If you're looking for a way to supplement your income, here are some suggestions for where you can set up your mobile bar trailers.


A wedding is a great occasion to serve alcohol. A bar is a standard feature at any wedding reception, and if the happy couple is providing one, you can expect to be paid in advance for all the booze. Weddings, with all their dancing and partying, can be simple to serve and are a lot of fun to attend. It's possible that you'll be assisting a catering business or that you'll be requested to provide food yourself.

Company Events

Having a mobile bar at your company's holiday party, conference, or other events is a great idea. People may kick back and enjoy themselves without having to make plans to go out to a bar. Having a bar on site will streamline preparation for the corporate event's organizers. They can also keep everyone in one place this way. The event planners may foot the bill for your beverage of choice.

Birthday Parties

What kind of adult celebration without alcoholic beverages? A mobile bar truck is perhaps one of the more unusual options when looking for a bartender for a birthday party. You'll be lending a hand as the guests enjoy a good time with the birthday kid.

Product Launches

As customary, a celebration is held in honor of the debut of a new product. Since these celebrations typically involve booze and cuisine to keep guests happy, your bar truck could not be in a better position to capitalize on this opportunity. Get in on the action and serve food and drink, too. Mobile stores are a great way to do so during events like these.

Music Festivals

Throughout the summer, there are numerous music events that would be perfect locations for a mobile bar. You'll find that the festivalgoers are eager to consume beer, so much so that you might run out while the event is in progress. Even if there are other caterers at the festival, offering alcoholic beverages will set you apart and bring in the most business. It may be necessary to schedule shifts in order to keep the truck open during the late hours and multiple days of these festivities.

Farmer’s Market

In order to legally sell alcohol at a farmer's market, you will need a license, but it is still worth it to inquire about the process. Craft beers will sell like hotcakes at a specialty market because its patrons are looking for something different. If you want to appeal to the locals, you can stock organic beverages and play to their preferences. But make sure you have a permit, as the authorities may evict you if you don't.

These are but a few of the many fantastic drinking establishments out there. As your business grows, you'll be invited to more and more events, and you'll have your mobile bar trailers to choose from.