Laptop battery replacement: Everything you need to know

Laptop battery replacement: Everything you need to know

Computer systems have undergone a lot of modifications over the years for enhanced performance. Apart from reducing the bulk of these gadgets, several components have also been fine-tuned to ensure the devices are portable. The laptop battery is one of its most essential parts, and it has also been modified in many ways.

In the older generations of computers, the batteries were heavier, and their capacity was minimal. Newer versions of personal computers are so sleek that the batteries are not easily noticed. However, this sleekness has not affected the battery's performance in any way, as it could be argued that batteries now last longer.

There are several important things to look out for in your battery when buying a new one;

Battery capacity

This remains the most important feature of any battery, and it should rank high amongst your priorities. You should know that you stand to benefit a lot from having a laptop battery with a high capacity. The laptop battery capacity is usually measured via watt-hour rating; it's usually inscribed on one side of the battery. The battery rating determines the amount of charge the battery can hold, and this eventually influences the number of hours you can use with a full charge.


Since you desire to get a proper battery for your device, you should endeavor to ascertain if the battery is compatible with your laptop. Certain laptop producers list specific replacements for their products; other batteries might not work with such gadgets. Often, the specified battery replacement is inscribed on the side of the battery.

Battery warranty

If you truly desire to get good value for your money, always look out for batteries with a warranty. Some batteries do not hold as much charge as what is promised by the suppliers; you might have to change such batteries within a short period. Also, the battery might start to overheat since it isn't compatible with your gadget; warranty saves you in such situations.

Specified battery rating

Even if you're unable to get a like for like replacement for your laptop battery, you will do well to get one with the same voltage rating. The voltage rating has to do with the amount of charge that enters the laptop. It is essential to note that going for a battery without the same rating could lead to a power surge in your laptop.

Production date

This might not seem like an obvious factor, but it could prove to be the most essential one. Laptop batteries are designed to last for a specific number of years, and any battery that goes beyond such a limit could start to malfunction. Some battery dealers sell batteries that have been on the shelf for ages and endeavor to check the laptop's production date.

Things to put into consideration when buying a battery replacement

When it comes to laptops, your battery is arguably an essential component. That's why you should make it a priority and handle it with care. If you need to replace your laptop battery, it would be wrong and unprofitable for you to buy any type. Here are some other factors to consider when you have to replace your laptop battery.

  • Make sure the specifications are the same.

Your old and new battery should be the same; that's the only way it would work correctly on your laptop. As soon as you remove the battery you want to replace, make sure you read the writings and symbols on it, this will help you take note of the specifications.

So when you go out to buy your new battery, use the specifications of the former one as a guide. It has to be the same model, manufacturer, size, etc. Anything different would be bad for your laptop and cost you more money on repairs.

  • Make sure you do your research.

It is common to underrate this factor when replacing a laptop battery, but it is so important. If you are planning to order your replacement battery online, be careful with third party suppliers. You pay less for the same capacity when you buy batteries from third party suppliers, but you should be careful not to trade it for high quality and durability.

To get the best, do your thorough research. Check the product warranty, the rating, and reviews of other buyers. This should help you make a good decision to buy or not to buy.

  • Make sure you are buying for the best price.

How do you know the right price for the replacement battery you are looking for? It's all on the laptop manufacturer's website. You will hardly find a laptop battery for less than 50 dollars, so make your budget from that price.

The manufacturers of your laptop know you will need a replacement battery at some point, so they have it there for you to order from the website. You can compare the price you find there with that of other reliable sources, then choose the one that will be friendly to your pocket.

Whatever you do, don't forget to check ratings and reviews, it will save you a lot of disappointment.

  • Are you thinking of a higher capacity?

As important as it is to match the old and new battery specifications, there are perks to replacing your laptop battery with a higher capacity. So you can go for such a battery when replacing your old one.

You can also find the options for this on your laptop manufacturer's website. If you like the traditional method of visiting a gadget shop for your laptop battery, it's even better, because you get to test it right there.

Don't forget to consult your laptop user manual. It will serve as a guide toward the right specifications.

Final Thought

Buying a replacement battery for your laptop could prove difficult at certain times, this article highlights some useful tips to follow. Once you make your decision, you can now find are several platforms to get your laptop battery (batterie ordinateur portable) with quality assured.