Bright Up Your Life With Solar Street Light For Sale

Bright Up Your Life With Solar Street Light For Sale

You cannot over-emphasize the importance of light in streets. This is true, especially during nighttime. Most street lights run on the electric power received from the grid station. Production of such electric power consumes a lot of fossil fuels. Burning fossil fuels leads to the introduction of hazardous gases into the atmosphere. This ultimately contributes to severe health hazards.

In order to prevent fossil fuel consumption and such adverse impact on the environment and health. This article put in front of you the greener solution: solar streetlight for sale. Find everything you need to know about this innovative device right below.

Solar Street Light For Sale

Solar street light for sale is a light that utilizes solar energy to generate an electric current. Later the light stores this electric current in the lithium iron phosphate battery. In the day, the light remains off, and the darkness starts to prevail. The sensor tweaks the light, and it switches on.

Additionally, the light features a pole around four up to 14 meters. Also, this light's power lies in the range of 30W to 100W. The size of the light also affects power consumption. Solar street light features a wide-angle covering a lot of light space and offers complete illumination.

Why Invest In Solar Street Light For Sale?

Several features will make you invest in solar street lights for sale. Some of the notable features include:

Full Day Charging

This solar street light for sale features a solar panel containing 6 pieces. The orientation of these panels is such that around the pole, it prevails in 360 degrees. No matter what the position of the sun is at any time of the day. The charging process continues without any interruption. This ultimately leads to the full charging of the battery. Full charging ensures that street lights remain on throughout the night.

High Wind Resistant

The places that receive strong wind currents throughout the day, such as an island or coastal regions. You can install this solar street light for sale without any worries. The design of the pole and light is in such a way that wind cannot do any harm. The light remains intact in its position and keeps functioning.

IP67 Rated

Solar street light is IP67 rated. This means it is waterproof and rustproof. It is not going to corrode or rust with time. These features eventually contribute to the longer life of the solar street light. You are going to get the same aesthetics of the light throughout.

Easy to Install & Clean

The solar street light for sale features a design that is compatible with almost any type of installation. The option tother install it on the pole or even with a pole. You can also install any pole regardless of the pole length or dia. Besides this, you can easily clean the light without requiring any elevator or stairs to access the light. A simple brush can do the task.