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Why Diversity Matters in Economic Development

Anela Hughey Podcast

Anela Hughey Podcast

This podcast I interview One Community founder Angela Hughey from Phoenix, Arizona. One Community advocates for LGTB rights in Arizona but they have gone beyond traditional “non-profit” definitions of advocacy to mobilize the business community by providing them business building opportunities with like minded business owners.

I thought one of there biggest contributions to date was their work on stopping AZ State Bill 1062. In Arizona, we get these wack-a-doodle politicians that push through legislation that most of us wholeheartedly disagree with and ultimately tarnish the impression people have of our state. SB 1062 was one of those bills that came along that made me hold my breath. One Community went into action and mobilized business groups that before had been willing to sit back and let back legislation hurt our business.

Hear the story and more about Angela Hughey on this podcast. Listen and look up One Community at