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Episode 45

What is Empowered PhXX: Tracie Rollins Interviews Kristin Slice

I have had several requests for a podcast dedicated to an update on the PhXX Forward Initiative now called Empowered PhXX

Empowered PhXX is a community collaboration of stakeholders (women business owners, female entrepreneurs, women’s initiative and networking groups, civic and corporate leaders and organizations) committed to the economic development and prosperity of women business owners and entrepreneurs in Phoenix.

It is an innovative, grassroots approach to economic development that focuses on leveraging the fastest growing population of business owners in the country, women.

I asked my NAWBO sister and fellow podcaster, Tracie Rollins to step in and take the mic. She did an excellent job of getting me to focus on one critical question, “Why should women business owners care?”.

Thank you Tracie! Take a listen and check out the latest blogs about Empowered PhXX.

I look forward to your comments!  

Empowered PhXX Podcast

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