The Critical Role Networking Leaders Play: Johnell McCauley

Johnell McCauley is one of the amazing leaders in the Phoenix entrepreneurial ecosystem that I was introduced to through Empowered PhXX. Now Johnell is launching into a new national role leading one of the largest networking groups in the country, E-Women Network. I was eager to talk with Johnell about networking leaders and their role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Take a listen!

Below is her full bio:

Johnell McCauley is a business owner, speaker, best-selling author and radio show host, and a true champion of women entrepreneurs everywhere.

Johnell recently stepped into the newly created eWomenNetwork role as International Director of Recruiting, Hiring & Innovation, supporting Managing Directors and members worldwide. Before that, she was the Executive Managing Director of the eWomenNetwork Phoenix/Scottsdale Chapter for 4 1/2 years and was named the 2015 eWomenNetwork Managing Director of the Year, the organization’s highest award.

Through the company that she created with her husband, Turn Knowledge to Profit, she helps coaches, speakers and authors transform their knowledge into a full range of scalable products so they can earn more, make a bigger impact on the world, and have the freedom to live a life others only dream about.

Her weekly radio show, Turn Knowledge to Profit Radio, she focuses on providing entrepreneurs with the insights, motivation and techniques they need to grow their own businesses. Johnell believes that entrepreneurs can truly change the world, and she wants to make it possible for them to get their message out to everyone who needs to hear it. The message is resonating with others and their show is currently the number one show on the eWN Radio Network.

Through her association with eWomenNetwork, her company, and her radio show, Johnell is committed to “building a network of successful and connected entrepreneurs who are realizing their dreams together.”Johnell McCauley Ewomennetwork podcast


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