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Tales of Small Business Podcast: The Steps to Starting a Business From Someone Doing It. An interview with Sara Korn

When people start a business it usually takes a few year to realize:

1.) I need a niche

2.) I need a business plan

3.) Building a business is a skill that can be honed not a natural gift

Sara Korn came to realize these lessons in less than a year. Moving into the second year in her business as a ghost blog writer she talks about the literal steps to building a service business, her mindset about being a business owner and how she honed her business.

Sara Korn Podcast

Sara shares her amazing insight as a new business and it slowly turns into Kristin’s therapy session about her writing skills.

Make sure check out her business and listen to the podcast!

Do you think that we portray “entrepreneurship” as a given talent?

Sara Korn’s Bio:

Sara Korn is a ghost blogger and content marketing writer with 15+ years experience in marketing, writing, and graphic design. She has a passion for writing content that helps businesses expand their influence and attract customers.

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