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Running a Successful Non-Profit. Tales of Small Business Podcast with Pam Gaber

Pam Gaber is the founder and CEO of Gabriel’s Angels which provides pet therapy to at-risk children. She approaches non-profit management with a for-profit mindset. She is strategic, she build relationships, and she sells with passion and heart.  Pam challenges the separation of for-profit and non-profit.

Pam Gaber - Tales of Small Business Podcast Cover

While I was finishing my Master’s Degree, I worked at a domestic violence shelter in downtown Phoenix. One of the highlights of my week was when Bear, a big yellow lab, from Gabriel’s Angels came to visit the children staying at the center. I loved the dog but more importantly I loved the way the kids would transform when Bear was there. As an advocate and a dog lover, the power of those moments stuck with me. Years later Gabriel’s Angels continues to have any impact on my life. At my wedding instead of favors I donated to Gabriel’s Angels, Nancy and I where table hosts at their annual breakfast and the list goes on and on.

I was eager to talk to Pam because my career was fundamentally changed by the separation of non-profit and for-profit. I studied non-profit communications at Texas A&M. I worked at non-profits for several years. My natural skill set resulted in me working in business development or fundraising. As a young passionate advocate I wanted to get out there and spread the word. Get new donors, use new marketing techniques, lets just say I was enthusiastic. I was sat down by a supervisor and told that non-profit business development was about keeping the relationships with the donors that came to us. I couldn’t believe that they where willing to sit back and leave our future to chance (keep in mind this was before the “Great Recession”). I realized that my future might be outside of direct non-profit work.

So I have always watched Pam Gaber with wonder. The way that she operated was what I was told wasn’t “how non-profits worked”.

Now, I often work with non-profits as a trainer and have developed specific tools to help them create social media strategies that reach out and engage with donors. A lot of what I have put into those tools is inspired by Pam Gaber’s success as a marketer.

If you have ever been to a Gabriel’s Angels fundraiser you know that they are the place to be to build business connections. A big reason for that is because Pam knows how to network.

Nancy Sanders at the first GA Breakfast for hope that we hosted.

Nancy Sanders at the first GA Breakfast that we attended.

She is incredibly insightful about networking, building a non-profit and the boundaries between personal and professional life.

I hope you enjoy the podcast! Please post any questions or comments.


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