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The Tale of Annie Loyd

Annie Loyd Podcast Buffalo Gals Literally, Annie Loyd is such a powerhouse I couldn’t think of a title that  encapsulated her or this podcast. We discuss everything from developing women  in engineering and STEM to sobriety and life’s journey.

THE AUDIO IS NOT GREAT. I have been trying to get Annie on the show for  months and when it finally worked out the audio failed me. So I apologize but that  content is worth the next hour you will spend playing with your volume.

This podcast does contain curse words. So EARMUFFS KIDS! Below is Annie’s  official bio and her contact information.


For more than 30 years, “building” has been the activity that best describes Annie Bachand-Loyd. Annie’s ability to building community through a host of activities has brought hundreds of people of diverse backgrounds together through the work of her foundation, The Fusion Foundation as well as other endeavors like running for Congress. As a construction owner, Annie helped build the dreams of her homeowner clients, working through challenges to create innovative solutions. As a “social architect” and founder of a sustainable non-profit, she sees things from a unique perspective and builds coalitions to find solutions. Most importantly, she works with people matching needs with resources. Through her experiences of working in public policy, owning a construction company and social change through private philanthropy, Annie has acquired a vast understanding of best practices for meeting community, state, national and global challenges. Annie’s problem-solving experiences create opportunities for effective and sustained collaboration.

Annie believes in the power of having diverse visions collaborates on a project and understands the fundamental role that engineers have in every piece or our society today.  Annie views her current role with Sequoia Engineering & Environmental as an opportunity to direct the talents and skills of others to build a company whose work connects people and unleashes the full potential of engineers to redefine how we live day to day.

Annie Bachand-Loyd

Sequoia Engineering & Environmental, Inc.

500 East Blvd, PO Box 351, Rapid City, SD 57709-0351

Cell: 786-763-1016 Office: 618-772-4219

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