Empowered Lab Communications partners with organizations and leaders to attract and effectively serve diverse clientele using the latest research and global best practices. We have expertise in working with economic development agencies, mission based organizations and academic institutions on setting up highly effective gender leadership development and female entrepreneurship programs. Empowered Lab Communications is a women owned social entrepreneurship firm based in Phoenix, AZ.

Our Approach

We facilitate innovation within your team by creating powerful insight, engaging in discussions on the latest research, and building professional skills . We build off proven knowledge and help translate that information into leading edge approaches. We present the latest research and specific insight about the world around your organization, then we ask good questions and develop simple action steps for your team to implement those ideas. Innovation is not about a single tool or approach that sits in a binder, it is about empowering teams with knowledge and skills that directly improve their ability to execute their job effectively, everyday.


We partner with clients to develop comprehensive strategies on execution, new program development, programmatic implementation and diversity. We start with defining your goals and processes, then we use the latest research and global best practices to identify simple opportunities to be more effective.



Communication Action Plans

You do great work, every member of your team is critical in communicating that good work to the community. We look at both your internal communication and external communication giving our clients the ability to both attract and serve diverse clients.

Skill Building and Workshops

We design and facilitate dynamic programs to engage your team and empower them with the knowledge they need to execute. We help build professional skills that can be applied quickly and have a direct impact on your team achieving your goals.




Community Organizing and Facilitation

We pride ourselves in our cutting edge community organizing programs. We bring together stakeholders from multiple industries sto help them achieve greater impact through honest discussion and sharing national best practices. Empowered PhXX was our first community organizing collaboration, bringing together multiple stakeholders in the Phoenix metro area committed to the economic development of women business owners.

On-Going Support

The goal of our services is to build knowledge and skills to ensure that clients can execute without relying on a on-going support, but we also know that it takes time to adjust to a strategy and implement it correctly. We build long term, flexible partnerships with our clients built around their on-going needs.