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Saving Time In Your Marketing, Kristin Slice is interviewed on the podcast Behind Super Woman’s Cape.

Normally, on my podcast I try and stay away from talking about marketing. There are a lot of podcast about marketing out there. However, Nicole Bandes is a long contact of mine and when she asked me to be on her podcast Behind Super Woman’s Cape to talk about marketing, I could resist this interesting switching of roles!

_DSC0543 (2)So here is a rare moment when I actually talk about what I do for living with Splash and my point of view on marketing.

I would love hear what you think!

 February 3rd РKristin Slice, Splash Marketing. In the last four years, Kristin has worked with over 200 small businesses. She facilitated 1,134 hours of training to create 102 jobs, helped launch 40 small businesses and helped revived 28 more, increasing those small business revenues by $4,450,000. Recently Three Dog Marketing was acquired by Despins Printing and Graphics in the Scottsdale Airpark. The newly formed organization is called Splash Marketing. Kristin Slice was brought onto the team to continue her work of helping small business owners create more money in their business through simple, effective marketing and sales strategies.

On this episode, Kristin and I talk about:

      • Are you keeping up on the latest marketing trends?
      • What are your marketing strategies?
      • What is most important for you to focus on and not waste your time in the wrong marketing pool?
      • And SO MUCH MORE!

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