Partnering with organizations to build stronger, more inclusive entrepreneurial programs.


Make your team stronger with the latest research on effectively working with diverse entrepreneurs, counseling and communication skills. No tools that sit in a binder or forced curriculum. Engaging, practical training that helps your team create greater impact with the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurship, women. 

Program Assessment

Make your program more effective and more attractive to funders by ensuring that you can attract and effectively serve the most qualified candidates. We review your marketing and programmatic systems to identify quick strategies to ensure that you can attract the most qualified entrepreneurs. 

Ecosystem Building

From corporate teams to resource partners in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, people are coming together to discuss leadership. We help transform meetings of people with similar backgrounds into programs that develops stronger community leaders through innovative formats, empowering deep discussions and presenting the facts and data that people need to really spark change! 

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Women Business Owners Nationally


Women are the fastest growing demographic of entrepreneurship in the country.

in 200728.6%
in 201526.2%


arizona gsp

Achieving 50 / 50 would add $12 Trillion to the National GDP by 2025

women reinvesting

Women reinvest a higher part of their earning in their families and communities.

innovative women

Women bring innovation diverse values to the business community.

successful startups

Successful startups have 2x as many women in senior roles than failed startups.

What We Do

Empowered Lab Communications partners with organizations to attract and effectively serve diverse clientele using the latest research and global best practices. We have expertise in working with economic development agencies, mission based organizations and academic institutions on setting up highly effective gender leadership development and female entrepreneurship programs.

Empowered Lab Communications is a women owned social entrepreneurship firm based in Phoenix, AZ.

See our Community Organizing Model in Action: Empowered PhXX

See our Community Organizing Model in Action: Empowered PhXX


We empower clients to leverage the power of diversity by using innovative content, the latest research on female entrepreneurship and effective counseling skills.

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