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Launching A New Product Into the Marketplace: Podcast Episode 39

The title of this podcast, “Launching A New Product Into the Marketplace,” has multiple meanings. First, Kathy Lynn-Cullota has built a career helping businesses launch new products. Plus, when she moved from Chicago to Phoenix, she knew she had to launch herself into a new marketplace. She leaped in, helping launch the networking group Elevate here in Phoenix. We discuss her business niche in healthcare, how she managed to build a massive network in a new city, her advice for organizations looking to launch a new product or service and her vision for PhXX Forward.

It has been awesome talking to so many different organizations in Phoenix about the future of women business owners! I am excited to continue these discussions!

I would love to hear from you … in any city! What can we do to move women business owners forward?

If you are interested in women business owners and data on the gap that still exists make sure to check out my Pinterest page.

Here is Kathy’s official bio and contact info:

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta

Kathy Lynn-Cullotta is a consultant, advisor and connector.  She has deep experience solving growth strategy / go-to-market initiatives.  For 25 years she helped B2B companies develop sales and distribution channels for new products / services, especially in markets being transformed by new technology.

Today, Kathy is pursuing her passion to support implementation of healthcare innovation. Newly branded, i3 Ignite advises organizations that are launching and scaling new care delivery services on how to ignite growth in 100 days or less.

Kathy is President of the Phoenix chapter of Ellevate, a global professional women’s network dedicated to the professional and economic engagement of women worldwide.

Contact info:

224.805.8962 (mobile)

Podcast - Launching - Kathy Lynn-Cullota

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