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Investor Capital, Startups and the Future of Az Small Business- Tales of Small Business Podcast with Tom Fulcher

One of the most common challenges in building a business is lack of capital. With shows like “Shark Tank” more and more entrepreneurs have become aware of VC’s, angel investors and accelerators. Like many things that are on TV, most small business owners in Phoenix look around and ask, “Who are these people with all this money and where are they?”

Tom Fulcher Tom Fulcher has worked with thousands of  growing small businesses to help them    navigate the challenges of growth. One of his  areas of expertise is finding funding  and  explaining to business owners the reality and  consequences of different funding  strategies.

In this podcast Tom gives a clear map of what  small business owners looking for  funding can  expect, common mistakes and the outlook  specifically for small businesses  in Phoenix  looking for funding options.


Plus, a whole lot more! To top it all off, he is a  great guy and someone I have been  honored to work with. Listen! Share! Contact Tom with any questions.

Tom Fulcher

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