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How to Grow a Global Business One Relationship at a Time: Isabel Banerjee Episode 42

Isabel Banerjee is one of those women that I have had the privilege of working with through NAWBO. I literally worked with her for almost a year before I finally got the story of how she went from a young single mom to running a multi-million dollar global consulting firm in the chemical industry. Isabel is one of those women business owners that I love. She talks about how she built a company by showing up, recognizing opportunity and building relationships. Now, she has moved to Arizona where she launched Phoenix GroYourBiz, a peer board of directors, and her latest venture, The Encore Catalyst. Take a listen and check out her bio below.

Isabel Banerjee - Podcast Interview

More About Isabel Banerjee
Global EXEC Women’s International Council Women of International Influence™  2009 recipient
Canada’s Top 100 Women Entrepreneurs™ – honored seven consecutive years
Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful™ Women Owned Businesses 2007 & 2009

Managing Director in Arizona and ambassador in the USA for GroYourBiz™, an  international organization that empowers women business owners and cultivates  major economic impact around the world.

Founder and Chief Encore Officer for The Encore Catalyst™  ( Isabel credits her life’s journey for the practical  business and relationship skills that became her charismatic trademark style. During diverse career experiences in retail, automotive, aviation and service industries, Isabel absorbed the knowledge needed to succeed in private-sector businesses. In 1986, opportunity led her to the chemical industry and within three years, she launched her own chemical brokerage firm. Boldly going where few women had yet succeeded, Isabel focused on innovative solutions and formed strategic partnerships while earning the deep trust and respect of her customers and suppliers around the globe. After 20 rewarding years, Isabel sold the assets of Phancorp Inc.™ to dedicate herself to support others.

She moved to Arizona fulltime in 2011 and earned American citizenship in January of 2015. Serial entrepreneur, mother, grandmother and cheerleader for many, she resides in Phoenix with her husband, Ajoy K. Banerjee, Ph.D. They share a love of family, deep friendships and savoring the diversity and cultures of the world.


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