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How Organization Affects Your Bottomline

When Andrea told me she was a professional organizer, I immediately thought of my closet. We she talked about her business with such passion and conviction…I thought there had to be something more. There is. Andrea helps businesses create processes and systems to be more strategic about what they let into their space. She trains people on how to recognize the connection between the mental chaos that we have and its physical manifestations in both our business and our lives (and vice versa).

Andrea talks about why she got her MBA, how it helped her start her business, and her mission to create simple processes to assist business owners. We discuss the issues that have been on my mind this week. Including how confidence affects women business owners and the entrepreneurial wage gap.

Andrea Brundage

Andrea Brundage

Here is Andrea Bio and her contact information:

Andrea Brundage

Professional Organizer / Productivity Consultant

Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) (480) 382-1085

Andrea Brundage is a Professional Organizer and Bringer of Calm, and as founder of Simple Organized Solutions (SOS), she turns “Chaos into Calm.”™ Andrea says, “SOS is all about creating supportive spaces; at home and at the office, and living life from a more intentional mindset.”

Andrea is a compassionate problem solver who works with overwhelmed homeowners and corporate clients who find themselves burnt out, stressed out, and operating in chaos and crisis management mode.

“Organization is a teachable skill” and to that point, Andrea says she is part teacher, part project manager, and part coach. “Professional organizing is much more than “fiddling with files.”

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