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The Hardest Part of Owning an Award Winning Business: Managing People. Tales of Small Business Podcast with Susan Ratliff the Exhibit Expert


Susan Ratliff- Tales of Small Business Podcast


Susan Ratliff is a bit of a rock star in the Phoenix small business community. She is the Exhibit Expert a published author, trainer, professional speaker and celebrated business owner. Most recently she served as the president for the Phoenix Chapter of the National Speakers Association and she was responsible for the first ever Arizona Sports Fan Expo.

It has been an honor to work with her over the last several years on the Women Entreprenuers’ Small Business Boot Camp as the marketing sponsor and Emcee.

She is a blast to work with and she was the first person I sat down and interviewed when I decided to launch this podcast. My infant daughter Kensington also joins us on this podcast.

My novice podcasting skills and crying child pale in comparison to the honest insight and knowledge that Susan shares. We talk about the highs and lows of her entrepreneurial career. Which include every small business owners nightmare of being screwed over by a business partner all the way to living every small businesses owner dream of building and selling their successful small business.

Hear Susan tell us how she did it and what she has learned in this Tales of Small Business podcast. Listen to directly on this website or download it from Sticher or I-Tunes



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