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The Florist Who Hated Floral Design Class

There are some industries I use to think of as stereotypical. When I would think of a fitness instructor, an event planner or a floral designers a stereotype would instantly pop into my head.  Christie Cothrun is one of those women that showed me how wrong those stereotypes can be. Among her many titles, one is florist. She is a dynamic, honest, engaging women.

Christie started working in the retail field, where she learned about her love of people. As her career evolved she ended up working in a unique position working wholesale floral within a wildly popular national chain. When that chain was purchased she decided to continue working with the floral community in wholesale because she loved the people.

She took classes and learned the trade. In the podcast she talks about the challenges she had. She took business classes and workshops, not because she owned her own business (at least not at the time) but because she wanted to have the skills.

Christie Cothrun- Tales of Small Business Podcast

Now she wins awards regularly for her contributions to the floral community. While she joined NAWBO Phoenix as part of her full time job. It is no surprise that she recently started her own business that leverages her networking, her shewed business skills and her desire to help people in her industry.

Christie has found cross section between her passions (floral industry, events and helping people), her skills (logistics, networking and managing people) and what the market needs (a problem that all of her contacts had that no one was solving) and turned that into her new business, The Party is Over.  

Plus, she is funny as hell.

Contact Christie( )  and check out her new business

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