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Empowered Lab Communications New Niche

In December 2015 I completed the acquisition of Three Dog Marketing by Splash Printing and Marketing. This allowed me to refocus my efforts back into my consulting practice Empowered Lab Communications. As they say, it was a pivot point in my career and my business. Previously, Empowered Lab Communications focused on strategic and communication planning mainly for mission based organizations. I had the opportunity to ask, what is next?

I looked back on my career and thought about projects I loved … truly loved. I thought of my time as the grant manager for the Maricopa SBDC working on the Wells Fargo Lift Grant. I am proud to say we were able to double the grant’s goals and come in under budget by focusing on women business owners. I thought of the last 5 years serving on the NAWBO board, revamping the mentoring program, building internal communication strategies and building new bi-laws. Finally, I thought of the work I have been doing with Empowered PhXX, working with community stakeholders to effective grow the economic development of women business owners. For Empowered PhXX, I eagerly studied the growing body of research looking at the science of effectively growing female entrepreneurs and economic development.

While it seems obvious writing it now, it took a while to connect the dots. The next step for Empowered Lab Communication was to do what we were already doing, working to develop strategic communication plans within our new niche, working with economic development agencies, academic institutions and businesses to effectively attract and retain diverse populations of entrepreneurship.

We will continue to offer strategic planning and communication strategies outside of that niche and our focus moving forward will be as a national leader in female entrepreneurship.

I am proud of the major accomplishments we have already been able to achieve. We have built partnership across the country. In April, I spoke at the International Incubator Associations National conference in a standing room workshop entitled, “ What Incubators Need to Know About Female Entrepreneurship. “ We also launched a new website and rebranded our podcast to focus on innovative programs for female entrepreneurship. I was also recently honored as NAWBO Member of the Year and with the Presidents Choice award for my work as the NAWBO PHX Program Director. Finally, Empowered PhXX continues to grow and thrive and we now have other cities asking us to provide support on entrepreneurial ecosystem development across the country.

And we are just getting started.

Whether it was Three Dog Marketing, Empowered PhXX or Empowered Lab, all of my ventures have had one common thread. The support of my community. Thank you for your continued support as we launch our new efforts!

Now the Ask:
If you are looking to start or improve an entrepreneurship program, let us help. We can help integrate national business practices, the latest research and ensure that your program is both effective and attractive for the fastest growing demographics of entrepreneurship in the country.
I look forward to hearing from you and working with all of you to advance female entrepreneurship in Arizona and beyond!


Kristin Slice

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