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Building a Small Business You Can Run From Anywhere: Laura Petersen, Episode 43

I met Laura 4 years ago while working at the Small Business Development Center.  I was training at the Chandler Chamber of Commerce. I was fortunate enough to work with her as she built her business, Student -Tutor.

Next month, Laura is moving to Germany with her husband where she will be working in her business. Student-Tutor is growing, flexible and a great example what growing a business from scratch looks like.

Laura candidly shares how she got to where she is today including hiring, firing, business partners, confidence struggles and strategy. She also describes the latest technology that has enabled her to work with her team from anywhere in the world (Asana and Infusionsoft to name a few). Finally she shares the business guidance that keeps her moving forward.

Laura is a great lady that is well liked in the community. I look forward to seeing what comes next for her and her business.

Here is her full bio.

Laura Petersen is Co-founder of Student-Tutor a successful tutoring and test prep company that started in the East Valley of Phoenix, Arizona and expanded across the U.S. and abroad with its effective online programs.

Earning a B.A. in Psychology and German magna cum laude at UCLA, Laura went on to earn her Master’s in Education while working as Operations Manager for the online high school division of University of Phoenix, Apollo Group. She then taught Math and Psychology at the high school and community college level before launching Student-Tutor.

As a small business owner, Laura has played a pivotal role in every department of the company and now oversees her teams in Human Resources and Accounting while spending the majority of her time on Digital Marketing. She is committed to creating systems, documenting processes, and streamlining workflow for productivity and clarity. With a love for math and science, Laura pushes everyone on the team to rely on data when making decisions, not opinion or ego. Laura is also a talented writer and self-proclaimed grammar nerd. She has even taken courses in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash to be able to design online ads, ebooks, and content images for the company.

Recently, Laura joined forces with the Internet Marketing Association and is helping with the IMA Leader podcast doing written content creation, social media, and a regular segment sharing business tips and tricks. Personally, Laura is newly married and lives in San Diego with her husband and their dog Tuck. If she is not in SoCal, you will find her traveling the world [38 countries and counting] with her Macbook in tow.

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