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Arizona State University Reaches Out to Build Entrepreneurship

Audrey Iffert - ASU Innovation - PhXX Forward I recently meet Audrey at the ASU event SparXX Fly. I was blown away  to walk into an event that had so many groups represented. Really, for  me it was the first time I had walked into an event that brought together    multiple groups that focus on women business owners in Phoenix. I was  eager to talk to her about ASU and their growing initiatives for both    students and for ALL Phoenix community members.


We discuss Arizona State University and their entrepreneurship  programs, how they  affect the community and we finish up talking about  the PhXX Forward Initiative.      Audrey is a wealth of information who  knows so many great facts about the research on  women business  owners, entrepreneurial education and the future of this growing  field.

Mom moment: I mention that my family has a long history of Sun Devils, in fact my Grandmother was votes ASU Baseball Fan of the Decade and I served as the bat girl for the baseball team on a few occasions. So I had to share one of my favorite photos of my daughter, Kensington and her best friend Izzy (both of her parents are also Sun Devils). Driving ahead into their future!


Izz-ington ASU Watch out ASU class of  2035 Izzy -ington is coming!